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Friday, January 8, 2016

Busy December! Looking ahead to 2016!

It has been a busy December with a private corporate show and a big two-night show with the great folks at Art Within Reach. Eric Wolff-Sewell and Robb C. Sewell-Wolff put together one of the best two-day shows that New Jersey has! Check them out at

Here is a picture from the show of artist Jenn Schuaub (, show creator Eric Wolff-Sewell, and myself.

After all of that fun, I was lucky enough to take on Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, Inc., as a friend and client (  Ariell Johnson is the owner and a total fangirl! Ariell has been kind enough carry some of my prints! Please check them out online or stop by and have a cup of coffee! Take a look at this photo. 
As I progress into 2016, I will be bringing a children's book to life. This will be the first of hopefully three children's books for myself and author Matt Dennion. I will also be doing more commissions and a collaboration with Marvel Comics' Philip McNulty! So stay tuned!