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Friday, March 20, 2015

Recreating Art For Private Commission Last Part

Here we are in the final phase of recreating art for a private commission. First, I had to show the client what I decided to do with the sky and overall background. Their overall feeling was that it would not work with the style of décor that they had put together in their home. With the realization that this painting was going to pull the room together, we decided to go back the original dark sky colors of "American White Pelican."  

Along with that change, it was time to add additional layers of color to the foreground and pelican. Making small strokes of gray in the head and neck of the pelican helps break up the white. My hope was to add another layer of detail and realism. You will also notice black lines in the bill and feet.

Once all was said and done, the client gave me the go-ahead to add a layer of glaze to the painting. For that, I used a 2-inch brush and Golden polymer medium "Gloss". Then the medium was mixed with water to make a milky solution. To be sure this would do what I needed it to do, I decided to test this glaze out on an old canvas.

 The glaze worked as well as I felt it should. With that information, I slowly started making long strokes across the canvas. When the first coat was dry, I repeated this step but in the opposite direction. I used three coats of glaze and allowed for proper drying time. With that, "Also American White Pelican" was finished.

I would like to thank my friends Lyric Prince ( and Don Stephens ( Without the help of these two fantastic artists, I may have not gotten through this project with any kind of confidence.

So I present to you "Also American White Pelican". Thanks for reading!!