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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Recreating Art For Private Commissions Part 3

So it's been some time since I posted about the Audubon commission I was asked to do. I'm pleased to announce I'm in the final stages of painting. I also hope the client will be pleased with the changes that were made. More on that in part 4! For now let's go over what's been happening since December 2nd. 

The first thing was to lay down the first layers of paint in the foreground and background. If you look close, you can see how the warm gray paint coat is still showing through.

 Next was the same step with pelican. I hoped to get the colors and lines well enough established to not have to change too much later on. 

It seems silly now, but I decided to be a little drastic with this background. The client had not wanted the same dark colors as the original painting. So through some thinking we decided it would be interesting to try something new. As it turns out the client felt it was better to go back to the original style colors after all. More on that in part 4!