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Monday, September 19, 2016

My First 3d Sculpeted Pumpkin!!!

It is that time of year when Halloween crap is all over the place!!!! I love this time of year. Apple cider doughnuts and apple cider! This is when I pack on the pounds to my own fat ass, if only to keep body heat because I have no hair.... That is not what is important. For the last few years, pumpkin sculpting has becoming very popular. I have been wanting to try my hands at it. So, for my wedding anniversary, my wonderful wife picked me up the Villafane how-to DVD and tool set. So I picked up a pumpkin and got to it!

So first things first. I picked up a pumpkin from the local market only because if I screwed it up, I didn't spend a ton of time at a patch looking for a good one. Then I got all my tools and a sponge. Next I watched the first lesson on the DVD and took notes.

 Second step was wash the pumpkin, then draw the face you want. For this, I was to just do eyes and a mouth.
 After that, I scraped away the rind or pumpkin skin! It's not as easy as you might think.
 Next I dug out the eye socket and shaped the eye.
 After that I shaped the highlight, pupil, and iris.  I wish I had not gone so wide on the pupil. Live and learn.

 Next was more rind scraping and starting to make the teeth where they needed to be.

 Top row is not too bad. Notice the curve I tried to make on the gum and tooth lines.
 While it is set back some and light, there is a bottom row of teeth.
 All done! Hope you enjoyed this! I will add a post of my next pumpkin!